The Worst Online Shopping Fails – Dresses That Disappointed In Real Life

Shopping for things on the web is always high-risk. This goes combined when purchasing for dresses, because the images they publish may be inaccurate, and also the condition of the product could be way off what was advertised. Except if it’s coming from a genuine website, most likely high that you’ll be frustrated as soon as your order arrives. Here are some buying online fails that can make you think twice about purchasing anything again.

Stacy Body post on facebook, and get comment from Sheila Prevaly Most of this sites, with their to-good to be true prices, are sellers from China that grab products from legitimate sites and try to sell them as their own.

Malissa Wilkes Wammack said The dress they sent was made out of windsock material :). Amanda McGee comment Oh good!! I’m glad y’all found something else!! I know I would have cried if that had happened to me!!

Barbie Ryan post on facebook her experience when shopping online and Lisa Robinson comment : My bff orderd tjis dress for me as my wedding dress. I was looking for a dress like this. I knew it would be risky ordering anything from out the US. Well, she it arrived it looked like someone took a lace curtains and made a dress. I laughed so hard. Luckily, she only paid a small price and i love her dearly for helping me find a dress for my special day.

These images post on Knock Off Nightmares fans page, ready to laugh? 😀

Comment from Molly Riegel I think about that often when buying toys for my daughter. Some little girl somewhere is making a doll that she would love to have but can’t have it because she’s a slave to a job that pays her shit. It’s disgusting.

Comment from Wiebke Siemann I know where you’re coming from. Still, let me tell you that I found a similar, absolutely stunning dark navy lace dress on sale for around 130$. For 190$, I might not expect the most perfect dress with the highest quality of fabrics, but I would expect that the seller at least got the color right, e.g. using a dark navy lace and a skin colored fabric for the sleeves and chest.

Comment from Lexi Dobbyn I can’t believe people are still falling for this. Poor people learn quick.

Comment from Christina Ort The first thing that popped in my head with this pic was LET IT GO.. and whole frozen movie lol

Comment from Becky Chalk try and rip someone off thats what you get…. You get what you pay for!

Comment from Dee Wilson Looks like nursing pads! lol

Watch Buyers Beware Video from Connie McGowan

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