Simple Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle Related Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you plan your wedding hair style, you should be very cautious and careful to achieve a great outlook. It is pretty important that you must plan it in a correct manner. Wedding hair mistakes are profound to happen at regular intervals these days but here is always a little amount of work space needed […]

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western colorado wedding guide - wedding tradition

Western Colorado Wedding Guide – Wedding Traditions

Have you ever wondered why we throw rice at the bride and groom on their departure? Or why the bride and groom feed each other cake. Many traditions today stem back many years, or even centuries, and most are still recognized today. Many traditions and rituals were formed to keep evil from the bride and […]

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Wedding Menu Planning tips

10 Wedding Menu Planning Tips

Booking a caterer and then planning a menu is always a tedious task. Often the most difficult part of the job is to select a few from a list of literally hundreds of dishes. Take for example starters; some of the best caterers in Delhi have more than 50 options from which you’ll probably want […]

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